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  • Guelph machines are using an outdated browser. If privacy is more of your thing, your dorm room can be the perfect hookup location. Just sure to watch out for roomies that could come barging in when they please or better yet, put that sock on the door handle. This hookup location involves being pretty sneaky, but can also be super thrilling, especially if on a quiet floor. For all of you in search of a hip hookup location, the Bullring has got you covered. Not only does their awesome alternative rock music set the mood, but they also serve the best coffee on campus that you can enjoy with your special someone after sharing your own steamy moments.

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    Johnston green is the perfect place for a cute little picnic or a quick hookup. The trees surrounding the green can also provide some nice privacy.

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    Although the Creelman dining hall is typically one of the busiest places on campus, its dark and quiet basement is quite the opposite. Sneak downstairs with your special someone to find your ide-al hookup spot. Sammie is a first year Marketing Management student at the University of Guelph whose passions include dance, yoga, fashion, and trying new foods.

    She strives to find artistic beauty in every aspect of life and hopes to continue make eyeopening discoveries by one day traveling the world.