Atheist dating a christian girl

I’m Falling in Love with an Atheist

Well today religion came into conversation, and we started discussing how it would work if we decided to get married. That is how I came across this wonderful story. Something that we can both relate to, but will still not stray too far from either of our beliefs. So please, any Ideas please feel free to contact me. I already forgive you.

I loved this…I have been married to my Atheist for almost years. We have two children and we love each other fiercly. Well done Kate and Erik. I hope after the posting of this…since it was so long ago…that the two of you are still doing well.

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My daughter is a Christian non denominational as am I. She is 16 and her and her atheist boyfriend are pretty serious about their future together. I have accepted this boy, never with judgment.. I do not preach to him and never will unless he sincerely asks. Belonging to Christ is a personal decision. My daughter is very firm in her Christian faith. I actually do not force church on my kids and I expose my kids to various religions. In this situation, I accept and love her boyfriend…whereas his dad found out I was a Christian via my myspace page…within days, the boy was forbidden from coming into my home, citing that I was a bad Mother because of my Christian beliefs and I should be boarded off to a mental institution for believing in God.

What is really interesting is that, I allowed my daughter to go to his home for a year times a week , knowing that she was entering a strongly atheist home. So, just wanted to point out that religious bigotry should not be blamed on fundamental Christianity exclusively.

Hi Marcia, Yes, you are right. Bitter, bigoted people come in all brands, just as open-hearted, fair-minded people come in all brands. Life is tough enough for young couples without having to deal with Capulet-Montague hatreds tearing them apart. Even more well matched people tend to grow in different directions when starting so early.

Whether together or parted, I hope they retain their open and accepting natures.

Atheist dating a Christian - How does that work?

I have some questions to those Christians out there dating or in wedlock with atheists or have other religious beliefs entering the picture. I am a Christian myself, my boyfriend is a Gnostic. We love each other very much, but I have some serious fears about continuing in our relationship.

However, I fear that I myself might get a problem eventually if I start connecting more to my Christian friends and family than I do to him. Does this make sense? A big thank for opening such a warm and friendly site, it is so nice to know there are friendly Atheists too! Afraid the judgmental experiences go both way, had so many hurtful insults comments through the years.

Yes, it can be lonely because I trust my feelings. I have had to re-learn much of my approach and expectations in relationships. However I excpect that even in relationships where both parties believe the same things…this is probably normal. I had to get over my fear of his rejection. Those moments are personal and I have and am continuing to learn to be okay with them just being mine. I could see a happy future…even if it was hard work…. Thank you so much for your reply.

I think you hit the nail when you mention the fear of rejection. I struggle to see how he could possibly wish to discuss and talk deeply and exploratively about these things with me, even though he says he does. I just fear that we will come to a point where there will be a very clear cleft between us.

And what about the day when we get older, and I have to get up every day with my faith that he will not be there with me after this life. I am an atheist and my boyfriend is a Christian. We have been struggling with this a lot lately. Is there something I can say to him that will help? I love and respect his faith.

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It makes him who he is! I suggest that you show your boyfriend what you have written here. You have expressed it all very well. Wherever your relationship goes, the essential thing is that both of you must be true to yourselves, and respect that the other must be true to themselves as well. Only then would you have any chance to be true to each other.

But if even then, the differences cannot be reconciled, the gaps cannot be bridged, then because of that same truthfulness you will both know that you were both honorable and fair with each other, that neither was false or insincere.

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  4. From that, both of you can move on, and heal, and in time find partners who are more fitting. Even though you did not end up together, you both will be better off for having been together for a while.

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    The Star-Crossed Lovers is the oldest tale. It has been lived and told, lived and re-told over and over for hundreds of centuries. We never tire of telling it, never tire of hearing it, but we never seem to learn from it. We keep on living it, one more time.

    An Atheist and a Christian: A Love Story | Guest Contributor | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

    Young people seem helpless in their love. Their hearts and heads do not connect. They would not have any hope for other couples in just such a predicament, but they cling to their own dreams of somehow, somehow, somehow…. Their love is beautiful in its foolishness, whether it is the blithe ignorance or the stubborn defiance of the unlikeliness of what they desire. Such sad beauty is the stuff of poems and songs.

    I praise and thank all foolish lovers, whether they stay together or not, for their quintessential humanity. Thank you for sharing Jainy, and thank you Richard for that grain of truth that made my day.

    How is Your Atheist/Christian Relationship Going?

    I have been giving this some thought now. To have a faith, any faith, is like being in a room. And to take on a new faith is like stepping through a door and standing in a different room. If you are two people with different beliefs you are essentially standing in two different rooms.

    So the question is: Are you happy about living in separate rooms in this area of your life? And it is incredibly lonely.